Different Drummer

Anna Doak/ Different Drummer

Different Drummer is a multi-genre chamber ensemble founded by three string players from this region’s premier chamber orchestra, the Northwest Sinfonietta. Violinist Brandon Vance is a two-time winner of the US National Scottish Fiddle Championship. Gretchen Yanover is an acclaimed electric cellist with three solo albums to her credit. Bassist Anna Doak has performed and/or recorded with Dave Mathews, Joe Williams, Spirit of the West, Linda Ronstadt, and the Seattle Symphony. Add to the mix Don Dieterich, a percussionist who is willing to whack in any number of non-traditional gadgets from lamp shades to garbage cans and you’ve got a show that represents genres as varied as the artists presenting it. Prepare to by entertained, amused and exhilarated by this unique collaboration!

Artist Support Program 2020: Mix 9 tracks from a 2019 performance at the Chapel Performance Space and record 3 new pieces live in-studio to include on new album release.

Artist Support Program 2015: Different Drummer, an album of music for double bass, fiddle, and tap.

Sound Clips
  • Different Drummer - Take Five