The Art of Conflict

The Art of Conflict | Anjel Newmann, Janay Pina

The Art of Conflict was an online program led by Anjel Newmann, Co-Executive Director, and Janay Pina, Youth Director of AS220, a community arts organization in Providence, RI. Movements for Justice are not free from conflict. Competing priorities, a difference in values, scarce resources and unacknowledged power are among the many factors that can give life to new and challenging dynamics within and between “like-minded” social change groups. While there is no single answer for navigating complex and layered tensions between people who are overworked, underpaid, and bumping up against systemic barriers, the power of design, rooted in antiracist principles and “ways of being,” can make an incredible difference in the long term health and relationships within community organizations and/or movement spaces. Anjel and Janay invited attendees to learn more about what they’ve encountered and learned during their tenure at one of AS220’s largest programs: AS220 Youth.