A red and purple lit gallery space with projections, sculptural objects, and dancers performing.

Maureen Whiting – and there was concrete skin for your face

Choreographer/dancer Maureen Whiting created this soundscape at Jack Straw as part of her 2001 Artist Support Program project, a collaborative installation with video artist Robert Campbell, which appeared in the Jack Straw New Media Gallery in 2002. Other collaborators for the installation included costume designers KD Schill and Sarah Harlett, lighting designer Dave Proscia, and mechanical designer Tashi Meath. Maureen worked together with these artists to incorporate traditional performance elements (costumes, lighting, performance, visual design) into the installation and converge them in non-traditional and unexpected ways. Set to Maureen’s soundscape, dancers moved amid costumes and through video projections in the installation.

More information on the exhibit webpage: https://www.jackstraw.org/exhibit/maureen-whiting-and-robert-campbell-and-there-was-concrete-skin-for-your-face/