A Bridge Home: Music in the lives of Asian Pacific Americans

A Bridge Home: Nature Boyz – E Le Lei O Mea Uma

In 1997, Byron Au Yong produced the compilation A Bridge Home: Music in the Lives of Asian Pacific Americans, in partnership with the Wing Luke Asian Museum and Jack Straw Cultural Center. The collection featured selections from a wide range of artists, including the Samoan vocal group Nature Boyz, featured here.

From the CD liner notes:

“We appreciate music mostly for singing. That I think comes from Samoan life. Mellow. With feeling. Whatever we sing, it comes out with good feelings. It’s made to be heard with your heart.”
-Neemia “Nemo” Mose

From their love of singing in the church choir, five 20- to 30-year-old brothers and first cousins formed the Nature Boyz in the late 1970s. Younger family members have replaced older members and refined their blend of top 40, rhythm and blues and Samoan church harmonies. “E Le Lei O Mea Uma” is one such modified church song about the beauty of creation.