Susie Kozawa performs at Seattle Center on 9/23/2012 World’s Fair 50th Anniversary

As part of the Seattle Center’s Next Fifty Art Call, Jack Straw and Seattle Center Productions presented a series of “Unexpected Arts” performances featuring Jack Straw musicians, writers, and other artists in various locations around the Center between April 21 and October 21, 2012.

Participating artists included Ezra Mark and Doug Nufer, Matt Weiner and Del Rey, Ruthie Dornfeld, Lori Goldston, Jim Page, Roger Nelson, Matt Briggs and Howard Robertson, Lelavision, Wayne Horvitz and Briggan Krauss, Cynthia Mullis and Michael Owcharuk, Paul Nelson and Jim O’Halloran, and many more.

Pocket Concert performers:

Gavin Cummins, puppetry
John Ackermann, solo acoustic
August Denhard, solo lute
Randal and Willie Bays, Irish fiddle and flute
Bob Antone and Rich Helzeman, Northwest timber community music
Michael Owcharuk, Ukrainian folk music and French Musette on the accordion
The Half Brothers, Acoustic folk trio
Hunt and Peck, guitar and bass improv duo
Christian Swenson, “Human Jazz,” improvisational performance
Kevin Rexroat, Ukulele
Joy Mills and Tom Parker, Acoustic folk duo
Jenna Bean Veatch, Dance
Julie Cascioppo, Jazz vocal
Callie Swedberg, Dance
Jes Raymond and Jakob Breitbach, acoustic folk duo
Beth Fleenor, solo clarinet
Michael Magee and Lana Hechtman Ayers, poetry
Jay Hamilton and Dean Moore, experimental music duo
Trio Lucero, Mexican folk trio
The Lonely Coast, vocal duets
Roger Nelson, stories by John Cage
Rob Witmer
, solo accordion
Paul Kikuchi, solo percussion
Jim Page, folk singer-songwriter
Bonnie Birch, solo accordion
Ezra Mark and Doug Nufer, reading
Lisa Marie Hoge, solo hip-hop performance
Matt Weiner and Del Rey, bass/ukulele duo
Paris Hurley, music/dance
Christopher Bange, magic
Giavonna White, modern dance
Queen Shmooquan, musical theater/performance art
Gyre, experimental electronic music
Matt Briggs and Howard Robertson, reading
Saskia Delores, dance
Marjorie Manwaring and Arlene Kim, reading
Lelavision, musical sculpture
Cynthia Marie with Camelia Jade and Mike Antone
Matt Drews, dance
Wayne Horvitz and Briggan Krauss, jazz duo
Siena Dumas Ang, dance
Angela Fountas and Frances McCue, reading
Heather Bridgham, dance
Cynthia Mullis and Michael Owcharuk, jazz duo
Saskia Delores, dance
Paul Nelson and Jim O’Halloran, poetry and flute
Unused Lexical Variable, experimental trio
SoulBrethren, theater
Madeline Ostrander and Jeremy Serwer, words and music
Rebecca Loudon and Beth Coyote, reading
John Burgess and JT Stewart, poetry
Lori Goldston, solo cello
Qiudi Zhang, dance
Kofi Anang – Ocheami, traditional and contemporary music of Ghana
Merna Ann Hecht and Ann Teplick, poetry
Hank Bradley and Cathie Whitesides, music of eastern Europe and Greece
Laurie Blauner and Willie Smith, reading
Ronin 2, percussion/woodwinds duo
Choroloco, music of Brazil
Shulamit Kleinerman, solo violin
Tomo Nakayama and Erik Neumann, stripped-down orchestral pop
Bill Horist, solo guitar experimentations
Eric Barber and Tom Varner, saxophone/french horn duo
Kathryn Jensen, Dance
Janee J. Baugher and Michael Spence, reading
Mahonyera, mbira ensemble
Sruti Desai, dance
John Olson and James Reed, reading
The Chad McCullough/Matt Weiner Duo, trumpet and acoustic bass
Gratitude, guitar/bass duo
Jim Knodle, solo flugelhorn
Kaia Chessen and Nick Wong, reading
Karin Kajita and Tony Grasso, jazz duo
Suzanne Bottelli and Laura McKee, reading
Gabriela Denise Frank and Lacey Jane Henson, reading
Bill Monto and Mark Ostrowski, sax/percussion duo
Maritess Zurbano, magic
Beth Fleenor and Michael Owcharuk, clarinet/accordion duo
Reid Kuennen, juggling
Violette Tucker, modern dance
Phillip Arnautoff, solo cello
Kathleen Flenniken and Katharine Whitcomb, reading
Randal and Willie Bays, Irish fiddle and flute
Denise Calvetti Michaels and Michael Dylan Welch, reading
Victor Noriega and Phil Sparks, Jazz duo
Ann Batchelor Hursey and Mercedes Lawry, reading
Carol Light and Johanna Stoberock, reading
Julian Young, dance
Reptet Horns, horn trio
Anne McDuffie and Larissa Min, reading
John Teske, solo bass
Elizabeth Voiles and Julian Young, dance
Samantha Bosch, solo flute
Joannie Stangeland and Cody Walker, reading
Elizabeth Austen and Susan Rich, reading
Kathleen Alcalá and Sharon Hashimoto, reading
Trio Lucero, Mexican folk trio
Kevin Rexroat, ukulele
Mary Lou Sanelli, reading
Rosa Vissers, dance
Tiffany Lin, toy piano
Paul Kemmish and Kate Olson, soprano sax/bass duo
Greg & Thomas Campbell, scrap metal percussion duo
Bob & Parker Antone, folk duo
Stacey Bennetts and Sally Neumann, reading
Bonnie Birch, solo accordion
Paul Kikuchi, solo percussion
Gyre, experimental electronic trio
Jesse Minkert & Susie Kozawa, poetry and sound art
The Vis-à-Vis Society, live experiments in polka and poetry
Echore, experimental music duo
Anzanga Marimba Ensemble, African percussion group
Eye Music, new music ensemble
Matt Weiner and Del Rey, bass/ukulele duo
Divided by Zero, dance

Janet Knox and Natasha Moni, reading
Joy Mills & Tom Parker, acoustic folk duo
Robert Lamirande and Nora Wendl, reading
Lelavision, musical sculpture
Jim Knodle & Paul Kemmish, flugelhorn/bass duo
Kevin Rexroat, ukulele
Rob Witmer, Accordion
Molten Vocals, vocal performance
Kathryn Hunt and Peter Pereira, reading
Judith Roche and Judith Skillman, reading
Alchymeia, European folk ensemble
Chad McCullough and Storm Nilson, trumpet/guitar duo
Fisher Ensemble, opera
Steve Effingham and Jay Thomas, saxophone/spoken word duo
Esther Altshul Helfgott and Ann Teplick, reading

Paul Anastasio and Juan Barco, Southwestern Mexican duo

Bill Carty and Jared Leising, reading

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