Jack Straw Writers and Artists at AWP 2023!

March 6, 2023

The annual AWP (Association of Writers and Writing Programs) Conference is coming to Seattle this week, and you will have many opportunities to see and hear Jack Straw Writers and Artists reading and talking about their work, both at the conference and at countless public offsite events around the city.

In addition, Jack Straw will be the site for some offsite events. We’re working with Wave Books to produce a series of live audiobook recordings March 8th-12th. Check out the schedule and sign up to attend a reading here! We’re also hosting a reading with EcoTheo Collective on Friday evening, featuring our dear friend and past Jack Straw Writing Fellow and Writers Program Curator Anastacia-Renee.

For more offsite events, explore the official list or check in with your favorite local writers on social media to see what they’re up to. For the conference itself, read on below for a list of panels featuring writers who’ve been part of our Writers Program and Artist Support Program over the years (marked in bold). Enjoy!

Thursday, March 9

Friday, March 10

Saturday, March 11

Pre-recorded, on demand:

When Home Is Not Safe
Judith Skillman, Linera Lucas, Lillo Way, Carolyne Wright, Susan April

Thursday, March 9:

Migrations and Mutations: Writing and Translating From Our Bodies
(Cecelia Martinez-Gil, Wendy Call, Marco Antonio Huerta, Samina Najmi, Alison Mandaville)

Archives of the Body
(Kristen Millares Young, Putsata Reang, Anastacia Renée, Michelle Bowdler)

Re-visioning History in Creative Nonfiction
(Kathleen Alcalá, Teow Lim Goh, Nick Neely, Ana Maria Spagna)

Race to Machine: Asian-Americans Write Tech, Colonialism, and Dystopia
(Shankar Narayan, Franny Choi, Betsy Aoki, Neil Aitken, Margaret Rhee)

Connecting Community through Poetry
(Angela C Trudell Vasquez, Margaret Rozga, Raúl Sánchez, Maiah Merino, Gregory Luce)

Out of the Boneyard: Keeping Dead Manuscripts Alive
(Zoe Zolbrod, Anne Liu Kellor, Rebecca Skloot, Gina Frangello, Donna Miscolta)

Partnering for Progress: Building Language Equity at Artist Residencies
(Jane Hodges, Claudia Castro Luna, José Luis Montero, Teresa Luengo Cid, Maria de Lourdes Victoria)

From Novel to Screen
(Shawn Wong, tammy lynne stoner, Carter Sickels, Johanna Stoberock)

Writers Centers, Conferences, and Retreats: Write, Teach, and Work after the MFA
(Michael Khandelwal, Rob Arnold, Dariel Suarez, Erika Krouse, Jake Friedman)

Two (or More) Become One: Writing in Collaboration across Genre
(Katie Jean Shinkle, Steven Dunn, Natasha Marin, Amber Flame)

Panel Discussion: The Word, The Body, The Page
(Shin Yu Pai, Serena Chopra, Amaranth Borsuk, Elisheba Johnson)

Friday, March 10

Hand to Stone: Fujitarō Kubota and James W. Washington, Jr. in Poetry and Prose
(Carletta Carrington Wilson, Elizabeth Austen, Kentaro Kojima, Shankar Narayan, Adriana Campoy)

A Decade of Professional & Creative Writing at Central Washington University
(Katharine Whitcomb, Maya Zeller, Joshua Welsh, Karla Maravilla, Ali Unal)

So You Want to Edit an Anthology? Editors on Pitch, Process, and Publication
(Ruben Quesada, Stephanie G’Schwind, Sun Yung Shin, Richard Santos, Emily Pérez)

Cripping and Digitizing: (Re)Imagining the Poetry e-book
(C. R. Grimmer, Molly Ubbesen, Katherine Deibel, Dene Grigar)

Stand (or Sit) and Deliver: Inviting Audiences into Poetry through Performance
(Melisa Cahnmann-Taylor, NourbeSe Phillips , Ilya Kaminsky, Alicia Jo Rabins, Joshua Nguyen)

Crafting Nuestra América: The Literary Work of Diaspora
(Juan Carlos Reyes, Grisel Acosta, Urayoan Noel, Connie Pertuz Meza)

The Changing Myths That Shape Our Culture, Sponsored by Red Hen Press
(Francesca Bell, Afaa M. Weaver, Amber Flame, Douglas Manuel, Brynn Saito)

Extended Mournings: Encountering Violence, Memory, and Grief in the Asian Diaspora
(Serena Chopra, Jane Wong, Ching-In Chen, Divya Victor, Dao Strom)

Writing the Land: Inspiration and Perspiration to Create Poetry
(Catalina Marie Cantú, Erica Reid, Leona Sevick, Diana Raptosh, CMarie Fuhrman)

Writing in Spanish: The Case of Seattle Escribe
(José Luis Montero, Maria de Lourdes Victoria, Rita Wirkala, Teresa Luengo Cid)

Excerpted Readings by Seattle Theater Writers
(Kate Danley, Nabra Nelson, Gloria Majule, Maggie Lee, Miriam BC Tobin)

So You Want to Publish a Poetry Collection
(Gabrielle Bates, Luther Hughes, Shelley Wong, Paul Hlava Ceballos)

Writing the Investigative Memoir: Lessons Learned from the Writers Who Dunnit
(Steph Liberatore, Kazim Ali, Rose Andersen, Margaret Lee, Claudia Rowe)

Lindy West & Jane Wong in Conversation, Sponsored by Seattle Arts & Lectures
(Jane Wong, Lindy West, Rebecca Hoogs)

Motherlode: The Tripwire of Writing Real Family
(Kelly McMasters, Joanna Rakoff, Sonora Jha, Rebecca Woolf, Jane Wong)

Redefining Power: Indigenizing the Hybrid Poem
(Mary Leauna Christensen, Halee Kirkwood, Tacey Atsitty, Annie Wenstrupt, Casandra Lopez)

Cambodian Poetry, Prose, and Translation Today
(Sharon May, Sokunthary Svay, Putsata Reang, Trent Walker, Greg Santos)

PR in a (Nearly) Post-COVID Age
(Courtney LeBlanc, Jennifer Martelli, Susan Rich, Kelli Russell Agodon)

Two Decades of Modern Love
(Miya Lee, Nicole Hardy, Nicole Comforto, Shin Yu Pai, Denny)

Indigenous-Aboriginal American Writers Caucus
(Rena Priest, Kimberly Blaeser , Deborah Taffa)

Saturday, March 11

Beyond BTS and Squid Game: Korean Contemporary Poetry in Translation
(Jeanine Walker, Marci Calabretta Cancio-Bello, Stine An, E. Bok Lee, Emily Jungmin Yoon)

From Poe and Plath to Meds and Co-Pays: Poetry and Mental Illness
(Emily Pérez, Eugenia Leigh, Kate Hanson, Diannely Antigua, Kayleb Rae Candrilli)

Babaylans, Griots, and Culture Keepers: Memoir as Collective Storytelling
(Jen Soriano, Sasha LaPointe, Anastacia-Renee, D.A. Navoti, Joyce Chen)

Weeping Women: La Llorona’s Presence in Modern Latinx and Chicanx Lore
(Mark Esperanza, Tamara Mitchell, Elizabeth Jimenez Montelongo, Nic Toledo Shump, Kathleen Alcalá)

Sustaining Seattle: Literary Leaders in a Time of Reckoning
(Susan Meyers , Juan Carlos Reyes, Joyce Chen, Kimberly Wilson)

Experiments across Genres: Writers and Artists of Color Celebrate Possibility
(Emgee Dufresne, Stalina Villarreal, Tonya Foster, Aliah Lavonne Tigh, Ching-In Chen)

Get Lit on Campus: Developing Lit Mags in the Community College Classroom
(Susan Rich, Elissa E. Minor, Megan Savage, Tobin F. Terry, James B. De Monte)

Wanting: Women Writing about Desire
(Margot Kahn, Sonora Jha, Rena Priest, Kristen Arnett, Nicole Hardy)

Mutant, Monster, Misfit, Myself: Writing the Disabled / Chronically Ill Body, Sponsored by AWP
(Sandra Beasley, Paul Guest, Rosebud Ben-Oni, Jenn Givhan, Jeannine Hall Gailey)

Your Best Book Launch: Publicity for Poets (and Other Small Press Writers)
(Nancy Reddy, Jeannine Hall Gailey, Caelan Nardone, Catherine Bresner, Julia Borcherts)

Girl, Writer, Crone: The Creative and Professional Value of Community
(Kristen Millares Young, Patricia Henley, Puloma Ghosh, Kirsten Sundberg Lunstrum, Kelly Sundberg)

Tin House Poets Reading
(Gabrielle Bates, Megan Fernandes, Jayme Ringleb, Leslie Sainz)

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