Announcing the 2022 ASP and Gallery Artists!

March 30, 2022

Athr, So'Le Celestial, Nada Rosa, and Marilyn MontúfarJack Straw has awarded residencies in the 2022 Artist Support Program to 18 artists and artist teams spanning multiple disciplines and genres. Eight artists/teams were awarded 20 hours of recording and production time with an engineer in our studio. Ten additional artists/teams will receive matching awards. All artists are provided with training, events, and other opportunities as part of their residencies.

Four artists/teams were selected to create and present exhibits in the 2022-23 year of our New Media Gallery Program.

Artists selected for the 2022 Jack Straw Artist Support Program:
Athr, So’le Celestial, Vibhuti Kavishwar, Paul Kikuchi, Marilyn Montúfar, Nada Rosa, D.A. Navoti, Tom Pearson and Berette S Macaulay, Sharece Anissa Phillips, Garrett Fisher, Amber Flame and Last of the RedHot Mamas, Alex Guy, Michael Hamm, LaVon Hardison, Derek G. Larson, MANTrio, Hannah Simmons and Leah Crosby, and Amelia Winger-Bearskin

Artists selected for the 2022-23 New Media Gallery Program:
Whitney Lynn and Barry Olusegun-Noble Despenza, Sasha Petrenko, Erin Slomski-Pritz and Jenny Lesser Holman, and Wei Yang and Murphy Janssen

Artists for both programs are selected by interdisciplinary peer panels. Visit our ASP and Gallery pages to read more about the artists, their projects, and our panelists.

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