Announcing Sonolocations: A Sound Works Series

June 4, 2021

Sonolocations logo: abstracted mountain with the words Sonolocations: A Sound Works Series, Henry Art Gallery and Jack Straw Cultural CenterThe Henry Art Gallery and Jack Straw Cultural Center have partnered to commission a three-part series of audio artworks, to be released free and online throughout the summer of 2021. The participating artists in Sonolocations were invited to consider the theme of place, and its unique resonance throughout the pandemic, to offer directed sonic experiences for listeners wherever they might find themselves. Participating artists are Byron Au Yong, Chenoa Egawa, and Bill and Naima Lowe.

Audio artworks will be available via Soundcloud and on the Jack Straw and Henry web sites. You can also subscribe to Sonolocations as a podcast to receive each piece when it launches.

Online now! Sonolocations 1: Byron Au Yong’s Pomelo:

Categories: Art and Heritage Partnerships

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