How can I get my project on Sonarchy?

We are listening for new music, sound and theater that challenges the artists and the audience. There are no particular genre restrictions. If you can do it live in a studio setting, that is preferred. Any request to be on Sonarchy should begin with an email to dough@nwlink.com. You will need to send a CD, tape, or links to audio files to review. It doesn't matter how it sounds technically, but the decision will be based on whether your work is right for the Sonarchy program based on what you send. You should also send bios, promo materials, and contact info to Jack Straw Cultural Center, attn: Doug Haire, 4261 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle, WA 98105.

What is Jack Straw Cultural Center?

Jack Straw is a non-profit multidisciplinary arts center in the Northwest with a foundation in audio technology. Based in Seattle, our mission is to support the sonic arts in the Pacific Northwest. Sonarchy Radio and the Artist Residency Programs are examples of Jack Straw's commitment to artists working in this region. For a full overview of JSP's history and current projects please go to our home page at www.jackstraw.org.

Who is KEXP-FM?

KEXP-FM (90.3) Seattle is essential listening for anyone interested in new music. It is affiliated with the University of Washington and programs an innovative, eclectic mix of alternative rock, hip hop, electronic, roots and blues, world and reggae, jazz and more. Sonarchy can be heard  on KEXP-FM Seattle (90.3) every Sunday night from midnight to 1AM (PST). The show is available 24/7 for 2 weeks following the broadcast on line at kexp's archive page. Each show is also available as a full-length podcast on iTunes. Go to the podcast section and search for Sonarchy. This will get you a full list of shows available.

Is Sonarchy live?

Yes, Sonarchy is live to disc but not broadcast live.  This means that we pre-record a full-hour show at Jack Straw's studios in Seattle's U-district and then air the show in the following month or two.  All shows are pre-recorded on Saturday nights with load-in generally at 8pm.  We will be done by 11pm.  Recording at another time may be possible but is not encouraged.

When and where are sonarchy broadcasts prerecorded?

All shows are pre-recorded on Saturday evenings at 8pm.  Our studios are located in Seattle's U - District at 4261 roosevelt way ne.  We are at the corner of 43rd and Roosevelt Way NE.  The parking lot next to our building is a pay lot, it is not owned by Jack Straw. You may also park on the street next to the front door. Load-in is best through the front door.  Parking is free after 6pm.

What are the recording options during the pre-recording of the show?

We will provide one CD-R of the show to the artists the night of the show pre-record. Many of these broadcast mixes have been released by artists and labels over the years so we've learned that they can be quite useful. In addition to the Sonarchy mix on CD-R, we also offer the entire performance as a Pro Tools session. This audio is recorded as a 24-bit, 44.1khz WAV file in the current Pro Tools version. We take direct sends from the mic/line preamps to our 192 i/o's. This service is free but you must provide a Firewire or USB portable hard drive that will mount on a MAC desktop. After the show is complete we will copy the session from our drive to yours. 10 GB of availale space is the most that will be needed typically. This is a very efficient way to transfer the session into your posession. The alternative is to have us make you a DVDs of the session. This will take one studio hour at $45, plus 1 or 2 DVDs at $4 each.

Another scenario to consider to get more tracking time is to use the free set up time and recording of Sonarchy on Monday night, leave the room set up overnight, and return to the studio the next day at 2pm to continue to record to Pro Tools at the rate of $45 per hour. This is a super deal and gives you the opportunity to track a lot of material, get some international exposure for your music, and save some serious money. Call Doug Haire to discuss options. We are flexible and interested in making the Sonarchy experience as useful to you as possible.

Why is there a release form?

To make it possible for JSP to do the live broadcast, artists must sign the release form. We also want to be able to rebroadcast programs and put excerpts on the web. Ownership of your work does not leave your hands. In fact, JSP encourages you to use the material however you wish. As stated above, dozens of broadcasts have been released by as many labels since Sonarchy debuted in Jan. 1996.

How long do we have to wait to get on the air?

After we've agreed to do a show figure on 1 to 3 months to do the pre-recording of Sonarchy and then another month or so for it to air and enter the KEXP streaming archive.

What do you mean by sound instead of music?

We are as interested in sound as we are in music. Theater and location recordings from around the world are two good examples. These shows are often pre-recorded and don't follow the live format.

Who do I contact with my other questions?

Doug Haire produces and engineers Sonarchy. Reach him at Jack Straw Cultural Center: 206-634-0919, or via email: dough@nwlink.com.



February 4th: Blake DeGraw
Large ensemble joins composer/improviser DeGraw for a radio communication summit.

February 11th: Wu Wei
Tao in the atmosphere tonight. Dick Valentine - flutes and Don Berman - percussion.

February 18th: Mike O. Band
New jazz music from composer/keys player Michael Owcharuk, Kate Olson - soprano sax, Jacques Willis - vibes, Mike Catts - bass and Mike Musburger - drums.

February 25th: Wally Shoup Electric Quartet
A freely improvised explosion of sound. Wally - alto sax, Dennis Rea and Bill Horist - electric guitars and Greg Campbell - extended drum kit.




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