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2004 Jack Straw Writers Program

The Jack Straw Writers Program encourages the creation of new literary work, introduces local writers to the medium of recorded audio, and presents them in live readings, on the air, and on the web. Each year an invited curator selects up to fourteen writers from a large pool of applicants. Participating writers receive training in vocal presentation and microphone technique, and their readings and interviews are recorded for use in radio broadcasts and on our web site. Their writing is also published in the annual Jack Straw Writers Anthology, available from the Jack Straw store.

We encourage you to read and listen to writings and interviews with each of the writers and engage in a discussion about writing.
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Select any member of the 2004 Writers Program to visit their page for a bio as well as written and recorded writings. Interview pages let you read and hear their conversations with Belle Randall (audio loads best with Quicktime or Windows Media Player). You can also visit the Topical Index, to cross-reference topics from the interviews.

The participants of the 2004 Writers Program are:
Belle Randall (Curator)
Janee Baugher
Elliott Bronstein
Kathryn Christman
Richard Denner
Donald Kentop
Michael Kloss
Ezra Mark
Martin Marriott
John Olson
Roberta Olson
James Reed
Clemens Starck
Stephen Thomas interview
Irene Wanner interview
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2004 Curator Belle Randall

Jack Straw Productions is pleased to have Belle Randall as the curator for the 2004 Jack Straw Writers Program. Belle Randall's most recent book is True Love from Wood Works Press (2003). Other books and chapbooks include Drop Dead Beautiful (Wood Works Press, 1998), The Orpheus Sedan (Copper Canyon Press, 1980), and One Hundred and One Different Ways of Playing Solitaire (University of Pittsburgh Press). Her poems and essays have appeared in numerous journals-- The Threepenny Review, Poetry, The Southern Review, Triquarterly, and PN Review (England)-- as well as such anthologies as A Gift of Tongues (Copper Canyon Press) and Contemporary Religious Poetry (Paulist Press). In 1990 she became one of the founding editors of Common Knowledge, an interdisciplinary journal published, first by Oxford University Press (1990-2000), and now by Duke University Press (2001-3). A former Wallace Stegner Fellow and Jones Lecturer in Creative Writing at Stanford University, and a long time faculty member at Cornish College of the Arts, Belle currently teaches the Master Class in Poetry in the University of Washington extension Writers' Program.


A series of public readings, events, and radio programs featured these writers beginning in May 2004. During October and September 2004, you can hear these writers on KUOW-FM (thereafter they can be found in the KUOW archives) :

The Jack Straw Writers Program readings were broadcast as part of
"Radio Intersections" on KUOW-FM 94.9, each Monday from September 13 through October 25, 2004.

September 13, 2004 ~ Clemens Starck & Stephen Thomas
The short poetry of Clemens Starck and Stephen Thomas explores common themes of work, travel, life and death. Clemens Starck's works tell stories of working on the sea as well as the land, as a merchant marine and carpenter. The poems of Stephen Thomas touch on his work as a teacher, and observations of the world around him.

September 27, 2004 ~ Kathryn Christman & James Reed
South of the Border: Kathryn Christman and James Reed share a glimpse of their travels in Mexico. Kathryn's short story Scandalosa traces the evolution of a lie amongst idle expatriates. James Reed's poetry includes scenes from Mexico, as well as works inspired by visual art and film.

October 4, 2004 ~ Janee J. Baugher & Ezra Mark
Janee and Ezra explore modes of perception in their work. Janee J. Baugher reads poems from her collection of ekphrastic poetry, or works based on visual art, while Ezra Mark's writing branches into philosophy and sound sense.

October 11, 2004 ~ John Olson & Richard Denner
Wordplay and spontaneity can be heard in the poems of John Olson and Richard Denner. John Olson's playful prose poems echo collage and surrealist traditions. Richard Denner's poetry falls into two categories, spontaneous composition and co-authored works.

September 20, 2004 ~ Donald Kentop & Elliott Bronstein
Human Relationships: In very different ways, Donald Kentop and Elliott Bronstein explore personal relationships in their writing. The formal poetry of Donald Kentop highlights a collection of scenes and stories from his own "bag of tricks," while Elliot Bronstein's short story "A Match Made for Heaven" examines the story of a precocious match-maker.

October 18, 2004 ~ Martin Marriott & Roberta Olson
Surrealism: Collage and automatic writing. This program presents contemporary writers in the Surrealist tradition. Martin Marriot presents works of automatic writing, while Roberta Olson's poems are actually word collages drawn from found phrases.

October 25, 2004 ~ Irene Wanner & Michael Kloss
Nature and Youth: Essayist Irene Wanner writes about interactions with nature and neighbors in the desert southwest in her piece "Birding at the Office." Michael Kloss reads poems about youth and coming of age.

Jack Straw Productions would like to thank The Paul G. Allen Family Foundation, the Breneman Jaech Foundation, ArtsFund, SAFECO, the City of Seattle's Office of Arts and Cultural Affairs, 4Culture King County, the Washington State Arts Commission, the National Endowment for the Arts, Humanities Washington, and our individual contributors for their vital support of our programs and services.

For more information about the Jack Straw Writers Program please contact Jack Straw Productions at (206) 634-0919.

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