Jack Straw Productions presents Wires, an eight-channel sound installation for tin cans, piezo loudspeakers, and steel wires, by Zürich-based sound artist Jason Kahn at the Jack Straw New Media Gallery (4261 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle) from January 31-March 28, 2008.

Kahn will be giving an Artist Talk about his installation and performance work at Jack Straw on Thursday, February 7, at 7pm. Kahn will also perform in the 2008 Seattle Improvised Music Festival on Saturday, February 9, 8pm, at the Chapel Performance Space (4649 Sunnyside Ave N, Seattle).

Jason Kahn is a sound and visual artist based in Zürich, Switzerland. His work includes sound installation, performance and composition. He was born in New York, grew up in Los Angeles and relocated to Europe in 1990. Kahn has been exhibiting his sound and visual works since the late 1990's, and has had solo and group exhibitions internationally, including museums, galleries and arts spaces in the  USA, Canada, France, Croatia, Germany, Argentina, Egypt, Poland, Switzerland, Denmark, Austria and Spain. Kahn's sound installations seek to enhance spatial awareness through sonic intervention, focusing on expanding our perception to other dimensions of seeing, hearing and feeling a space.

His latest installation, Wires, seeks to heighten the visitor's perception of space through sound intervention within the gallery environment. Walking through the installation space, visitors pass through shifting sound fields delineated by the vibrating wires. The sounds themselves will be difficult to localize but the sense of the room slowly "stretching" through the singing wires will be immediately apparent as one moves about the gallery space. Wires has previously shown at the gallery Q-O2 Werkplaats in Brussels, Belgium (Nov. 28-30, 2007).  Wires is Kahn's first exhibition in Seattle.

Jason Kahn's website includes images and descriptions of several installations and performances, and videos of his performances can be found at Youtube.

About the Jack Straw New Media Gallery

The Jack Straw New Media Gallery opened in 1999 to support artists working with visual and installation art, with an emphasis on sound. Gallery residencies include an exhibition of up to three months in the gallery; 20 hours of studio assistance with one of our engineers; access to Jack Straw Productions audio recording, production, and presentation equipment; and two public events - the opening and an artist talk. This residency is for exhibiting and performing artists in any medium who would like to incorporate sound into their work. Previous gallery artists include Trimpin, Steve Roden, Iole AlessandriniJoe Colley, David Kwan, Perri Lynch, and Kichul Kim. See below for a complete list of exhibitions.

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Jack Straw Productions focuses on annual artist residencies through our Artist Support Program, our Writers Program, and New Media Gallery Residency Program. These programs offer established and emerging artists an opportunity to explore the creative use of sound in a professional atmosphere through residencies in our recording studios and participation in our various presentation programs. Proposals are reviewed by an interdisciplinary peer panel (Artist Support and New Media Gallery programs) or Curator (Writers Program).

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Jack Straw New Media Gallery


by Jason Kahn

January 31-March 28, 2008

Thursday, January 31, 7pm

Thursday, February 7, 7pm

Click the play button above to listen to Jason Kahn talk about Wires. Click here to download the interview.

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