The Olympic View Elementary School community is celebrating the school's 100th anniversary this year, 2002. For the celebration, the two fifth grade classes conducted a comprehensive, multi-media project exploring the history of their school, its community, and its neighborhood.

Upon realizing that the school did not have a symbol or mascot, the students designed a flag (left) and presented it to Olympic View Elementary as a gift.

The flag represents compassion, integrity, following rules (even when no one is watching), and treating others as we want to be treated.


The students' projects included two oral-history based projects: Olympic View's Place in U.S. History, incorporating facts and anecdotes tracing the history of cultural shifts within the community; and Voices of Olympic View, original radio plays based on stories taken from oral history interviews the students conducted with community members. Another project was History of Our Houses, an in-depth look at the design, construction and occupant history of houses in the Olympic View neighborhood.

Photo by Dean Wong


doreen To jumpstart the project and to stimulate student interest, local historian Walt Crowley gave them an historical introduction to the school and community. His website www.historylink.org also provided extensive materials to support the project.

The students then learned interview techniques to prepare for their interviews with Olympic View alumni and other community members to obtain their oral histories. Once the students developed their questions and practiced their interviewing techniques, they interviewed community members who had volunteered their time. The students gathered a lot of information through the interviews with former Olympic View students.

The "Voices of Olympic View" project was funded by:

Olympic View Elementary School Community

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