Write Out of This World Sci-Fi and Fantasy Writing Contest 2015
Presented by EMP Museum and Jack Straw Cultural Center

For their fifth annual Write Out of This World Writing Contest, EMP Museum collaborated with Jack Straw Cultural Center to provide a unique award to the winners: Winners participated in a writing workshop, voice workshop, and recording session at Jack Straw, resulting in a professionally recorded CD of each writer reading her own work.

You can download or stream all of the story excerpts below! Click on the story title to download the full stories in pdf form.

3rd - 5th Grade Winners:
1) "The Wall" by Joanna Vahey (4:04)
(download mp3)
2) "Wood of Hoods" by Megumi Whisman (3:15)
(download mp3)
3) "Floor A, -2" by Adrienne Stern (3:42)
(download mp3)

6th - 8th Grade Winners:
1) "Beyond the Window" by Tucker Cornell (3:45)
(download mp3)
2) "Rematerialize" by Mark Polyakov (3:12)
(download mp3)
3) "Famous" by Jose Luis Gandara (4:18)
(download mp3)

9th - 12th Grade Winners:
1) "60 Seconds" by Lilly Hurt (3:58)
(download mp3)
2) "Fraigslist" by Amelia Miller (4:59)
(download mp3)
3) "Empty Space" by Ava Cline (2:49)
(download mp3)

Write Out of This World was produced in the studios of Jack Straw Cultural Center. Jack Straw artist team: Jared Leising, writer; Meg McLynn and Andrew McGinn, vocal coaches; CJ Lazenby, engineer; Joan Rabinowitz, executive director. Photos by Joan Rabinowitz.

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