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Immigration Portraits

Denny International Middle School students and staff come from diverse backgrounds and represent many nations. This spring, for the second year, 8th grade Washington state history students at Denny interviewed staff and students, capturing their immigration stories. The students worked with Jack Straw teaching artists at their school and in the Jack Straw studios to create Immigration Portraits: Voices from Denny, a series of radio pieces documenting the immigration experiences of Denny students and staff.

KBCS 91.3 FM broadcast all six radio pieces created through this project in July 2014.


Listen to all six stories below!


1) Immigration Portrait: Jannike Johnson (4:58)
Produced by Debbie Amesquita, Nesai Phum, Zachariah Abdi, and Zoe Schlipp

2) Immigration Portrait: Anthony Russell (5:00)
Produced by Euan Canoy, James Cole, Candice Kelley, and Katherine Johnstonbaugh

3) Immigration Portrait: Hassan Gadid (4:35)
Produced by Abdi Ali, Sierra Carpitcher, Karey Soeun, and Tevin Wright

4) Immigration Portrait: Kyung Chung (4:32)
Produced by Leah Ward, Katie Sanderson, Ron Ki, and Renee Martinez

5) Immigration Portrait: Irene Bowie (4:38)
Produced by Joseph Liberato, Kailyn Chhum, and Phung Lu

6) Immigration Portrait: Chia-Chen Chen (4:59)
Produced by Mikki Dysart, Paradise Vienna, Ty Duren, and Nikole Glass



Immigration Portraits was produced by 8th graders from Denny International Middle School and Jack Straw Cultural Center in Seattle. Special thanks to Denny teachers Ellen Lew and Jeff Treistman, our interview guests, 4Culture King County Lodging Tax Fund, the Washington State Arts Commission, and the National Endowment for the Arts. Studio photos by Sherwin Eng; interview photos by Jake Muir. Original music performed by Jack Straw resident artists The Jason Parker Quartet, from the album Five Leaves Left: A Tribute to Nick Drake.

Jack Straw artist team: Jennie Cecil Moore: staff producer/lead artist; Yuko Kodama: contract teaching artist, KBCS-FM producer; CJ Lazenby: Engineer/trainer; Tom Stiles: Engineer/trainer; Daniel Guenther and Jake Muir, Production Interns; Meg McLynn, Christine Brown: Vocal coaches; Levi Fuller: Web designer; Joan Rabinowitz: JS Executive Director/project director. Thanks to Denny staff Ellen Lew (8th Grade History) and Jeff Treistman (Library Media Specialist).


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