2020 Spring Workshops

Our new series of vocal workshops led by Jack Straw vocal coach Alyssa Keene are perfect for writers, actors, and anyone wanting to hone their vocal technique for studio recording or performance.

HOW TO SIGN UP: A nonrefundable deposit of $25 is required to register and hold a place in each class. Students are encouraged to pay in full at time of registration. Please make sure you contact us to reserve your spot early on! Spaces are limited. To register call Jack Straw Cultural Center at 206-634-0919 with your credit card to pay the deposit or full class fee. Students may also get a brochure form, and mail in a check for the deposit or class fee. For more information email workshops@jackstraw.org.

Vocal Training for Writers Saturday, April 11, 10am-1pm
  Tuesday, April 28, 6-9pm
Instructor Bio

Vocal Training for Writers
Saturday, April 11, 10am-1pm
Tuesday, April 28, 6-9pm
Fee: $100 member, $120 non-member (limit 6 per class)

Instructor: Alyssa Keene

Help your words come off the page clearly, dynamically, and authentically. Working with a vocal coach and audio engineer, students will first get comfortable using a microphone for studio recordings and live readings. Next, they'll practice reading material in front of a microphone and learns tips for scoring their text and using their voices in a way that helps their stories come to life. At the end of the three-hour session, students will walk away with a recording of their individual coaching sessions.


Instructor Bios

Alyssa Keene is an actor, voice and dialect coach, and teaching artist who has been working with Jack Straw Cultural Center for over a decade. She has coached and acted with Seattle Repertory Theatre, Intiman Theatre, ACT, 5th Avenue Theater, Sound Theatre Co., Strawberry Theatre Workshop, Seattle Shakespeare Co., Village Theatre, Book-It Repertory, and many of Seattle's fringe theaters. Alyssa is a Mazen Award winner with the 14/48 Projects and has been featured in Encore Magazine and ArtZone. She is also an affiliate artist at Seattle Children's Theatre and a member of the faculty at Seattle Film Institute and Freehold Theatre Lab.


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