Jack Straw Productions and Washington Composers Forum present

Composer Spotlight Series

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Jack Straw Productions and Washington Composers Forum present Composer Spotlight, a series of talks and performances by composers, musicians, and scholars of new and innovative music every second Wednesday of each month. For more information about Composer Spotlight artists and the series, click here.

Jack Straw Productions and Washington Composer Forum present

Composer Spotlight:
Randal Bays

Respecting the Envelope: Composing New Music in the Irish Tradition

Wed, February 11, 7:30pm

Randal Bays – a 2007 Jack Straw Artist Support Program participant – is an American musician who's been deeply involved in the world of Irish traditional music for over 30 years. He played various instruments starting at age 8, was involved in band and orchestra through his school years, then majored in music theory and composition at Indiana State University. Randal discovered traditional Irish jigs and reels in his twenties, took up the fiddle, and eventually became an internationally known performer on that instrument as well as the acoustic guitar. He has a string of highly acclaimed recordings to his credit, is a well known performer and teacher in both North America and Ireland, and is the founder of the Friday Harbor Irish Music School, now in its eighth year in Washington's San Juan Island.

Although the Irish musical tradition is a very ancient one, it's also a living tradition and new music is being created and added to it all the time. Randal is the composer of a number of noted recent tunes that have been absorbed into the communal repertoire shared by Irish trad musicians around the world. He'll discuss how that process works for him and will perform examples of recent (the last 50 years) compositions as well as older ones.

Coming in March: Christopher Roberts
Trios for Deep Voices
Wed, March 11, 7:30pm

Christopher Roberts – a 2007 Artist Support Program Participant – will discuss the process of composing his Trios for Deep Voices, recorded recently through the Jack Straw Productions Artist Residency Program and released by Cold Blue Music. These double bass works began in 1981 when he first traveled to Papua New Guinea. He lived with the people of the Star Mountains and introduced them to his double bass, while they introduced him to their songs. The villagers put him through a drumbeat initiation and built him a cane house, where he learned to decipher the sounds of the jungle around him. An idiosyncratic improviser, Roberts developed new string techniques in composing these unique chamber works, which will be featured in this Composer Spotlight performance.

About Composer Spotlight

The Composer Spoltight series is presented by Jack Straw Productions and Washington Composers Forum (WCF). This series of talks and performances of new music highlights an innovative composer or performer every second Wednesday of each month at Jack Straw Productions. If you are a composer and would like to present at a Composer Spotlight event, please contact us at arts@jackstraw.org.

About Washington Composers Forum

The Washington Composers Forum is a non-profit arts organization that nurtures the creation, performance, and dissemination of new music by composers living in Washington State. Since its founding in 1984, WCF has produced concerts, readings, and lectures in the U.S. and Canada, representing many composers in the region. Visit their website for more information.
Composer Spotlight History
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