2014 Jack Straw Artist Support Program

Artist Residency Application & Guidelines

DEADLINE: Applications must be postmarked or delivered by
5:00 pm, Monday, November 4, 2013

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Up to eight artists/teams are awarded 20 hours of free recording and production time with an engineer at Jack Straw Productions; an additional 10-12 artists/teams receive matching awards. The Artist Support Program is open to artists of all disciplines whose project proposals include sound as a major component. Such projects might include recording a music CD, producing radio programs, oral histories, audio literature, sound for a gallery installation or public art project, film, performance, digital media work, etc. Completed projects are publicly presented at a Meet the Artist Night, Artist Showcase, or Composer Spotlight event.


Established and emerging artists working in any discipline or genre may apply to any one of the residency programs offered. Artists living outside of the Puget Sound region may apply, but should be aware that expenses for travel, lodging, etc. are not included in the award.Current Jack Straw staff, interns, board members, panelists, or their immediate family members may not apply. Artists participating in 2013 programs may not apply again for the same program in 2014, however, they may apply for a program in which they did not participate in the previous calendar year.


Artist Support Applications are evaluated and awarded by a multidisciplinary selection panel. The panelists change each year, and are all established artists and arts professionals invited by Jack Straw staff. The names of the panelists will be made public after the selection process has been completed. All applicants will be notified of the results in writing. Please allow at least twelve weeks after deadline dates for the review and notification process to be completed.


The process can be highly competitive depending on the number and range of applications. Panelists will base their selections upon the excellence of the work represented in the support materials provided by the applicant; the artistic merit of the proposed project; the feasibility of the proposed project; and the subjective response of the panelists to the applicant’s proposal/work in comparison to the other submissions received.

Questions?  See our FAQ!


DEADLINE: Completed applications must be postmarked or delivered by 5:00pm, Monday, November 4, 2013

We require 5 sets of all written materials. Each set must be 3-hole-punched, collated, and paper-clipped on standard 8.5” X 11” white paper. No staples, folders, or other binding. All materials must be typed (10 point minimum), with the exception of the Application Form, which may be handwritten. Incomplete or illegible applications will not be reviewed. Do not send any additional items not specified, such as press kits, reviews, promotional photos, headshots, etc.

Each complete, collated application packet must include all of the following items, in this order:

  • APPLICATION MATERIALS CHECKLIST – all items checked off. (5 copies)
  • PROJECT DESCRIPTION (1 page) – Describe your proposed project as specifically as possible, including any plans for presenting the finished work; then discuss which aspects of the project you hope to accomplish in a Jack Straw residency. (5 copies)
  • ARTIST STATEMENT (250 words max) – Describe the nature of your work and/or art-making philosophy. (5 copies)
  • ARTIST RESUME (2 pages max per person) – For collaborative projects, include separate resumes for each major collaborator. Established groups can use one resume as a single entity. If you have little professional experience, a brief bio will suffice. (5 copies)
  • WORK SAMPLE DESCRIPTION (1 page) – Artist Support and New Media Gallery: Provide info about the work samples you are submitting: artist names, titles listed in order they are to be reviewed, year completed, materials and production credits. Indicate any samples that are directly related to your proposed project. (5 copies)
  • WORK SAMPLES – Panel will review up to 5 minutes maximum from all of the submitted audio or video samples combined. Samples submitted in formats other than those listed below will not be reviewed. Audio and photo work samples may be e-mailed, per instructions.


Panelists for Artist Support and New Media Gallery will review each applicant’s work samples for a maximum of 5 minutes – this is for all samples collectively, not per sample. Therefore, submit samples that you feel represent your strongest work. If possible, include samples that are related to your project proposal. You may submit samples in up to 3 different formats.

Example: A dance company applying for Artist Support to record music for a new work might submit a video documenting their choreography, images of another performance, and a CD of the composer’s work.


One CD/CD-R with a limit of 5 audio samples. Disc must be labeled with applicant’s name, track titles, and times. The panel will listen to each sample from the beginning, and will not search through longer works for a specified cue point. If submitting excerpts from the middle of longer works, include only the segment you wish to be reviewed, not the entire work. We advise that you test CD-Rs on several different CD players to make sure they are readable.
MP3s via e-mail. You may e-mail up to 5 audio samples in MP3 format (up to 10 MB total size). All files must be labeled with applicant’s name and track titles.


One CD-R/DVD/DVD-R labeled with a limit of 3 video samples. Disc must be labeled with applicant’s name, track titles, and times. If submitting more than one video sample, they should appear in the order in which you wish them to be reviewed; do not submit a separate disk for each piece. Include a title before each selection. The panel will view each sample from the beginning, and will not search through longer works for a specified cue point. If submitting excerpts from the middle of longer works, include only the segment you wish to be reviewed, not the entire work. Test DVD-Rs on several different DVD players and/or computers to make sure they are readable. Video media files will only be accepted in Windows Media Player or Quicktime.


Photographic Prints (12 or less) labeled with image number as it appears on the Work Sample Description, applicant’s name. 
Digital images on one CD-R or DVD labeled with image number as it appears on the Work Sample Description, and applicant’s name.
Digital images (12 or fewer, up to 10MB total size) via e-mail. Include lead applicant name and image number in file name.
Note: Slides, head shots, original artworks, books, or magazines will NOT be accepted.


You may include up to three pages of text, scripts, or musical scores related to your project proposal. For example, if an artist is collaborating with a writer on a project, we encourage you to submit some of the text. Text and score samples should be printed on 8.5 X 11” white paper, 3-hole punched in left margin (no staples or folders).  Note: Reviews, press kits, or other promotional materials will NOT be accepted.

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From top: Jack Straw Artists Greg Campbell & Bill Smith, Wendy Call & Irma Pineda, Etsuko Ichikawa with engineer Tom Stiles, Anzanga Marimba Ensemble,Paul Anastasio, and Eric Mentzel & August Denhard