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The Artist Support Program has been assisting artists working creatively with sound since 1994. Artists of every genre and style have been represented, including writers, choreographers, multidisciplinary artists, theatre sound designers, radio producers, film makers, visual artists, and musicians and composers of all types. Every year, up to eight artists are awarded twenty hours of studio recording and production time with a Jack Straw engineer. An additional twelve artists receive matching awards for studio time as part of our Artist Assistance Program. Artists for the Artist Support Program are selected by an interdisciplinary peer panel.

The opportunity to work in a large professional recording studio with experienced sound engineers is a boon to many artists who may not otherwise be able to afford to produce work in this setting. The Artist Support Program is open to artists of all disciplines whose project proposals include sound as a major component. Projects are presented to the public at artist events at Jack Straw and other venues.

Artists Selected for the 2023 Artist Support Program
Portrait of Randal Bays, holding a violin and an acoustic guitar

Randal Bays READ MORE >

Portrait of Gisella Bustillos

Gisella Bustillos READ MORE >

Paired photos of Kelsen Caldwell and Ross Kirshenbaum, each sitting in the driver's seat of a bus. King County Metro buses are collaged vertically in the middle.

Kelsen Caldwell & Ross Kirshenbaum READ MORE >

Portrait of Josephine Ensign

Josephine Ensign READ MORE >

Photo of six people sitting on a couch, smiling. A woman on the far left holds up a metal triangle.

Foleada READ MORE >

Portrait of Johnaye Kendrick

Johnaye Kendrick READ MORE >

Josh Nucci standing on stage, playing electric guitar

Josh Nucci READ MORE >

Photo of Zambuko Marimba Ensemble with four marimbas.

Zambuko Marimba Ensemble READ MORE >

Blue Cactus Press logo: A black and white image of a cactus coming out of a skull, with concentric black circles in the background.

Blue Cactus Press READ MORE >

Portrait of Katharine Threat

Katharine Threat READ MORE >

Jasmine Iona Brown and Paul Jackson Ph.D.

Jasmine Iona Brown & Dr. Paul Jackson READ MORE >

Vania Bynum

Vania Clemons Bynum READ MORE >

Gregg Dietzman holding a concertina.

Gregg Dietzman READ MORE >

Photo of Mario Layne Fabrizio

Mario Layne Fabrizio READ MORE >

Portrait of Robert Francis Flor

Robert Francis Flor READ MORE >

Portrait of Gabriela Denise Frank

Gabriela Denise Frank READ MORE >

Photo of Perri Lynch Howard in a blue shirt, leaning on a weathered white wall.

Perri Lynch Howard READ MORE >

Portrait of Nic Masangkay

Nic Masangkay READ MORE >

Portrait of Nacha Mendez

Nacha Mendez READ MORE >

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Neil Welch the ink around it album cover

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